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Sensory Silicone Finger Lala Play Toy

Sensory Silicone Finger Lala Play Toy

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Introducing our innovative Sensory Exploration Toy – specifically designed to stimulate and enhance hands-on brain function in toddlers. Crafted with care and precision, this engaging toy encourages the development of sensory awareness and fine motor skills in the early stages of childhood.

Made from high-quality ABS food-grade silicone, the toy provides a safe and tactile experience for little hands. The unique design incorporates various textures, shapes, and colors to captivate your toddler's curiosity and promote a multi-sensory learning experience.

Measuring a convenient 12x21cm, this toy is perfectly sized for little hands to explore and manipulate. As toddlers engage with the different textures and shapes, they not only build essential sensory skills but also foster creativity and cognitive development.

The Sensory Exploration Toy is an excellent addition to playtime, providing a fun and educational avenue for toddlers to discover, touch, and learn. Watch as your little ones delight in the joy of hands-on exploration, setting the stage for crucial brain development during their early years.

Product information:

Ability development: hands-on brain
Product material: ABS food grade silicone
Product size: 12x21cm

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Silicone toy*1


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