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Bicycle sport odometer

Bicycle sport odometer

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is Bicycle Sport Odometer is a feature-rich device designed to enhance your biking experience. Whether you're interested in tracking multiple bikes, monitoring temperature, calculating calorie consumption, or using stopwatch functions, this odometer caters to various biking needs. The luminous display ensures visibility in different lighting conditions, and the automatic wake-up feature adds to the user-friendly design. With the inclusion of an extension bracket, you have flexibility in mounting options. Overall, it's a versatile and practical tool for cyclists.

  1. Dual Bicycle Compatibility:
    • Can be equipped with two bicycles, providing versatility for different biking scenarios.
  2. Luminous Display:
    • Features a luminous display for easy readability in low-light conditions.
  3. Automatic Wake-Up:
    • Automatically wakes up, ensuring convenience and efficiency during rides.
  4. Temperature Detection:
    • Includes temperature detection, providing additional environmental information.
  5. Calorie Consumption:
    • Calculates and displays calorie consumption, offering insights into your biking activity.
  6. Equipped with Extension Bracket:
    • Comes with an extension bracket for enhanced mounting options and flexibility.
  7. Stopwatch Functions:
    • Provides regular stopwatch functions, adding utility to your biking experience.


Product Upgrade Improvements:

  1. Non-Slip Rubber Ring:
    • The rubber ring has been upgraded to a non-slip material, preventing dust adherence and enhancing overall grip.
  2. Reinforced Magnet:
    • The magnet has been reinforced to strengthen signal transmission, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.
  3. Expanded Backlight Options:
    • The backlight now comes in more colors, including blue, red, and green, providing users with additional customization choices in the updated style.

These product upgrades bring enhanced functionality, durability, and aesthetic options to the users. The non-slip rubber ring and reinforced magnet contribute to a more stable and reliable performance, while the expanded backlight color choices add a touch of personalization to the product. These improvements aim to provide an improved and more satisfying user experience.


Please make sure that the mounting direction of the sensor, point the battery cover side toward the magnet and keep it within 3 mm.


Distance between Bike computer and Sensor within 60cm


Functional selection S2 Time Setting

S3Wheel Size Setting

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