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Clip-On Sun Visor Glasses Case

Clip-On Sun Visor Glasses Case

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  • Size: 170x70x55 mm (Length x Width x Thickness)


  1. Silver Coated Tape: A reflective and conductive material, possibly used for aesthetic or functional purposes in the case design.
  2. Electrostatic Film: A film that clings to surfaces without adhesive, likely used for securing the case to the sun visor or for static electricity dissipation.
  3. Steel Wire: Provides structural support, ensuring the case maintains its shape and durability.

This Clip-On Sun Visor Glasses Case is designed to conveniently attach to your car's sun visor. The combination of materials suggests a sturdy yet flexible construction with features like reflection, conductivity, and static electricity dissipation. It's a practical accessory to keep your sunglasses or eyeglasses within easy reach in your car.

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