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HD Night Vision Driving Recorder

HD Night Vision Driving Recorder

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Capture Every Moment On The Road with Car Recorder

Product Information:

  • Data Storage Capacity: Maximum support 32G
  • Data Storage Time: 8G can record for one hour
  • Data Transmission Interface: USB, HDMI
  • Color Classification: 3.0 inch general list
  • Appearance Size: 925317 (mm)
  • Shooting Angle: 140°
  • Main Lens Aperture: F2.0

Packing List:

  • Car Recorder x1
  • Car Charging Source Line x1
  • Manual x1
  • Bracket x1
  • Packing Box x1


Ensure your safety on the road and capture every moment with the Car Recorder. This compact device offers a range of features to document your journeys and provide you with added security.

High Data Storage Capacity: With a maximum support of 32G, this car recorder allows you to store a significant amount of footage. The 8G storage can record up to one hour of video, ensuring you capture all the necessary details.

Convenient Data Transmission: The car recorder is equipped with USB and HDMI interfaces for easy data transmission. Retrieve and share your recorded footage effortlessly.

Optimal Shooting Angle: Featuring a 140° shooting angle, the recorder captures a wide view of the road, providing comprehensive coverage of your surroundings.

Easy Installation: The package includes a bracket for easy installation, making it a user-friendly device for your vehicle.

Enhanced Visuals: The main lens aperture of F2.0 ensures clear and detailed visuals, even in varying lighting conditions.

Complete Package: The car recorder comes with a car charging source line, manual, and a packing box for your convenience. Everything you need to set up and start recording is included in the package.

Stay protected on the road and document your journeys with the Car Recorder. Enjoy peace of mind and enhanced security with this essential car accessory.


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