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Intelligent Bicycle Light

Intelligent Bicycle Light

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Turning right or left should never be a scary experience anymore!

This Intelligent Bicycle Light not only ensures your safety while riding but also brings a level of convenience and customization to your biking experience. With features like USB rechargeability, infrared laser light, intelligent sensor system, and customizable patterns, it's designed to make your rides safer and more enjoyable. The easy and tool-free installation adds to its user-friendly design.


  1. USB Rechargeable:
    • Never waste money on batteries again. The light is USB rechargeable, saving you money and hassle. It charges from your computer or any device with a USB port, with a charging time of about 3.5 hours to full capacity. The runtime is up to 6+ hours.
  2. Infrared Laser Light:
    • Equipped with an infrared laser light at the bottom, in addition to 80 Lumens made of 64 granule lighting beads, providing a safety warning to road users behind you.
  3. Intelligent Sensor System:
    • When making a turn, the LED lighting beads will display a left-pointing or right-pointing arrow. Lean slightly on your bike in the desired direction to activate. All the lamp beads light up when braking. The light goes into standby mode if the bike is stationary for 30 seconds and resumes when in motion.
  4. Pattern Customization (Colorful):
    • In addition to the default smart steering, there is an option for pattern customization, allowing for a more personalized and colorful display.
  5. Easy Installation - No Tools Required:
    • Attaches in seconds to any frames or seat posts of both kids and adult bikes. The light is detachable for added convenience.
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