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HD Projector Screen

HD Projector Screen

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HD Projector Screen:

  • Projection Drawing Size: 100 inches
  • Specifications: 16:9
  • Curtain Type: Simple Curtain
  • Material: White Plastic

Enhance your viewing experience with our HD Projector Screen, designed for crystal-clear projections. Here are the key specifications:

Projection Drawing Size:

  • Enjoy a cinematic experience with a large 100-inch projection drawing size.


  • The screen features a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, providing a clear and immersive display.

Curtain Type:

  • Designed as a simple curtain, making it easy to set up and adjust according to your viewing preferences.


  • Crafted from high-quality white plastic, ensuring a smooth surface for sharp and vibrant projections.

Upgrade your home theater or presentation setup with this HD Projector Screen, offering a sizable display area and excellent visual clarity. The simple curtain design and durable white plastic material make it a convenient and reliable choice for your projection needs.



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