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Waterproof Bike Phone Holder - Bicycle/Motorcycle Phone Case Bag

Waterproof Bike Phone Holder - Bicycle/Motorcycle Phone Case Bag

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Overview: Easy to install and remove, this phone holder fits round pipes and motorcycle/bicycle handlebars with diameters ranging from 17-32mm. It comes in various sizes to accommodate different phone models.


  • Material: ABS plastic + leather
  • Applicable Models: IPHONE6 5.5
  • Applicable Environment: such as bicycle handlebars

Size Options:

  1. Small:
    • Small Package Size: 138x75x30mm
    • Small Bag Size: 125x60x25mm
    • Suitable for iPhone4/5S and other mobile phones smaller than this specification.
  2. Medium:
    • Outer Package Size: 150x85x30mm
    • Inside the Package: 135x75x25mm
    • Suitable for iPhone6/S3/S2/I9100/I9500 and other 4.7-inch or smaller size phones.
  3. Large:
    • Large Package Size: 160x100x30mm
    • Large Size Inside the Bag: 150x85x25mm
    • Suitable for iPhone6plus/millet 3/I9300/Samsung note2/N7100/note1/I9220/Huawei 3C and other sizes below 5.5 inches.
  4. Extra Large:
    • Increase the Size of the Package: 183x110x30mm
    • Increase the Size of the Bag: 168x92x25mm
    • Suitable for large-size mobile phones such as Samsung note3/4.

Tips: The base and the waterproof bag are connected. When installing, you may hear a clicking sound. If it is loose, adjustments can be made.

Package Content: 1 x Bag

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