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Yoga Strap Exercise Gym Belt

Yoga Strap Exercise Gym Belt

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  1. High Quality: This yoga accessory is crafted from premium polyester fiber and a durable cotton blend, ensuring longevity without deformation or breakage. The high-quality construction allows the yoga strap to withstand extended use over the years.
  2. Multi-use: Versatile and suitable for various activities, including pilates, yoga, physical therapy exercises, and pre or post-workout stretching. The yoga strap is designed to enhance your flexibility and provide support during different exercises.


  • Material: Constructed from a blend of polyester fiber and cotton, combining durability and comfort.
  • Size: The yoga strap measures 350cm in length and 4cm in width, providing ample length for a variety of exercises.

Package Content:

  • 1 * Hand Ring: A convenient accessory for gripping and adjusting the strap during workouts.
  • 1 * Training Strap: The main component for your exercises, promoting flexibility and support.
  • 1 * Lumbar Pad: Enhances comfort and support, particularly beneficial during exercises that involve the lower back.



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